How To Create The Ultimate Man Cave: Complete Guide

Building a man cave for yourself, your son, and your mates is a fantasy for many, but with a little preparation and this helpful guide, you can turn your wants into a reality. Gone are the days of dark, dank rooms filled with beer cans, sports memorabilia, and half-eaten pizzas. With a little effort and a fun project you can throw yourself into, you can create a relaxing and stylish sanctuary to hang back, tinker and play with all the gadgets you’re not allowed to keep in the house.
In the article below, we’ve assembled a handy guide on how to build a man cave that will have your neighbours wantonly peering over the fence. From turning your garage into a man cave to a list of the essentials you can occupy yourself with for hours, read on to find why man caves weren’t born — they’re made.
Turning your garage into a man cave
Man caves don’t need all the trimmings, bells and whistles (though they do help), they just need to be cosy and comfortable to give you a place you can feel at home and be yourself. The first step to building your garage man cave is to discuss it with your partner or roommates and confirm how much space you can allocate. While you may be lucky to dedicate the whole area to your oasis, you might need to incorporate some storage to accommodate the household. Garages can be cold and dark spaces. Insulating your walls and adding carpet and lighting will make all the difference in creating a functional, usable space throughout the year. Additionally, adding sound-dampening panels to muffle shouting during footy matches on the TV is one of the best garage man cave ideas Australians haven’t thought about until now.
Buying a man cave
Whether you’re looking for a low-budget backyard man cave or want the ultimate experience with all the mod-cons, they offer you the opportunity to design and customise the structure to get the most out of your build. Without the awkwardly placed walls and nooks of existing structures to work around, you have free reign to install the fixtures you want and need. Decide on what you want to include in your man cave. Do you want a home theatre system for gaming and watching movies and sports or a bar to kick back with a cold brewski? There are compact options such as single and double garages to generous styles like a triple garage or an American barn — helping you house a billiards table and a workshop to store your tools. Now is the time to include the professionals. Before building, consult your local council to apply for any necessary permits. With all the admin completed and you’ve drawn out a layout for your space, hire a professional builder to set the foundation and construct your garage man cave. To reduce managing different trades, select a licensed builder who can install lighting and any plumbing to connect a kitchen or bathroom to the mains.
Furnishing your man cave
While your Mrs’ has control over the house's decor, now is your chance to design a space that fits your aesthetic. Before any furniture is placed, select a colour you’d like to paint the walls with. Light neutrals are fantastic for opening up the room and giving the look of a larger room, or opt for bold colours to dress it with personality. Next, decide on your decor scheme. Combining metal hardware and raw timber finishes will help you achieve the look of an industrial-style man cave. Or, borrow the cosy charm of a mountainside cottage and add soft furnishings like a rug, scatter cushions and dim lighting to set a relaxing mood.
Man cave essentials to kit out your space
  • - Add some personality to your walls with neon LED lighting and vintage signage from defunct businesses.
  • - Keep your seating close to your man cave’s openings so you can sit under soothing natural lighting and create a vibe when listening to music or jamming on the guitar.
  • - Mount your TV on the ceiling with an adjustable arm facing the back wall to prevent glare from distracting you during a movie or sports game. Or, to create a larger-than-life entertainment system for gaming and have your crew over, install a projector and home theatre system.
  • - Every guy likes to have a few big toys they can try their hand at; a retro cocktail gaming table is the perfect piece to enjoy a dose of nostalgia playing 6-bit arcade games.
Build your ultimate man cave with Best Sheds
When you have an experienced team like Best Sheds behind you, you won't only receive a durable build quality that will hold up to the harsh Australian climate and rowdy nights with the boys, but you’ll be covered by a 20-year warranty that will take care of any rare faults. Looking to create a man cave or she shed you can feel at home in? Hire the team at Best Sheds to design and build you a man cave you will enjoy for years to come. With a long history of constructing garages, carports and storage, no one is better placed to deliver on your plans.

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