Is your lawn cluttered with garden equipment, kids’ toys, spare parts and other stuff? Storage space at capacity inside your home? It’s time to think about outdoor storage.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Is your lawn looking a bit cluttered with garden equipment, kids’ toys, car spare parts and other stuff?  Maybe you think the house space is getting too scarce with sentimental junk like your kid’s first bike? It is time to think of outdoor storage.  A shed creates space that didn’t exist, and adds value to your home. There is also the aesthetic value of a well-built shed standing in your backyard. You no longer must worry about your equipment gathering rust in the open, or the wheelie bin getting visited by an assortment of wildlife. All-in-all an outdoor shed is an advantage whichever way you look at it. But what kind of shed do you need?  Here are the questions to help you land this answer;


What is the shed’s use?

Outdoor sheds are commonly used to store tools and hardware, swimming pool equipment, gardening equipment, outdoor sports gear and other stuff that would be awkward to keep in the house. The first thing then would be to look at your storage needs; how big are the objects you need to store? But then you also must consider the convenience in accessing the stored stuff when you need it. Will you have to wade through garden equipment to get to the kid’s bike, or do you want separate sheds for different stuff? You also must look at your future storage needs. Do you plan on buying a bigger lawnmower or more pool equipment?

An outdoor shed can also serve as a working space; put up a working bench and some tools and you have yourself a quasi-workshop. This would be smart utilization of space. These answers will help you assess the size of shed to put up.


How much space is available?

Your backyard’s space will be the biggest factor in determining the shed size you can put up. you can only get imaginative with the space to work with.  The shed should not take up all the outdoor space you have, but it should not be small to make it useless. If your backyard is smallish, you can think of a shed without a back wall, and use the house’s wall instead. A flat roof shed also takes less space than a A-shape roof shed. If you have a large backyard, your options are plenty. The most obvious option would be to put up a large multipurpose shed that can serve as a garage, a workshop, and equipment store.


What materials and colors?

You want a shed that adds aesthetic value. You can find plenty of storage sheds online options in details and extras. Ideally, the outdoor shed should complement the style and design of the main house in terms of color, roofing and at times height.

For a workshop style shed, you should think of ventilation and lighting because you don’t want to be spending time in the dark, breathing in petrol fumes. Plan for a window, or large double sliding door that can bring as much light and air as possible.  The door size should be large enough to accommodate the largest equipment you have.

Adding an outdoor shed is an investment that offers advantages in both convenience and dollar value. It is time to consider adding one to your backyard.


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