Boats, RVs, and Caravans are some of the most prized and coveted possessions for Australians, so protecting them with a shed is extremely important. With over 60 years of experience in the shed industry, Best Sheds can help you install a well-engineered quality structure to protect your prized possessions for years to come. There are a number of things to consider when designing a boat, RV or caravan shed – let’s jump into them.

RV, boat & caravan sheds considerations


What goes into the shed?

You will be moving these vehicles in and out of the sheds, so you need space for manoeuvrability. When it comes to RV, boat, or caravan sheds you need accessibility to take the vehicle in and out easily. For a caravan, you must account for height and door openings. If a boat shed is on the waterline, it needs space for the boat to float in and out, and yet be secured. The type of vehicle will help determine the style of the shed.


Caravan, Boat, and RV Sheds

When it comes to the business of protecting your precious leisure vehicles and vessels, it is important to choose the perfect storage solution to meet your exact specifications and requirements. Here at Best Sheds, we have an elite design/manufacturing team producing only the very highest quality outdoor storage solutions, from the humble carport to the most elaborate, rock-solid boat sheds, American barns, farm sheds, and everything in between. Our expert team can custom-build anything you need to keep your vehicles safe and secure with all the access points, automation, and additional features you require.

If you have a few moments to spare, we recommend taking a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art display centre and gaining a deeper understanding of the sheer quality and attention to detail you can expect when choosing Best Sheds as your caravan garage provider.


Why Choose Our Caravan Sheds?

To whet your appetite further, here are a few of the advantages and benefits you will experience when choosing products and structures from Best Sheds:

  • A full range of customisation options when creating bespoke custom sheds
  • Delivery to almost all areas of NSW and QLD
  • Incredible 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Unrivalled RV, boat, and caravan sheds prices

Why not request a quote today and start the process of bringing your own personal boat garage design to life? Our experienced, knowledgeable team can help you to customise anything from the most basic skillion roof garage to the hardest-working industrial sheds, open-bay garages, and high-tech RV sheds with all the automated features and other bells and whistles. Our goal is always to leave our clients completely satisfied and provide them with the most cost-effective, efficient storage solutions possible while never compromising on quality or standards.


Benefits of Caravan, Boat, and RV Sheds

When you choose Best Sheds to provide you with an outstanding single, double, or even triple garage, you can rest easy knowing each one is engineered and constructed to the very highest standards possible. In fact, we’re so proud of our processes, we put our money firmly where our mouth is and offer a series of amazing Best Sheds guarantees

Each shed, carport, and caravan shelter for sale is manufactured and delivered in the form of a kit, effectively meaning it can be put together by competent DIY enthusiasts possessing the requisite tools, skills, and patience. All necessary parts are provided and the desire to erect sheds for caravans yourself is one we understand all too well here at Best Sheds as keen enthusiasts ourselves. 


Shed Options and Features

The range of options and customisable features of all our storage solutions extends right through from our agricultural sheds and premium garden sheds to our caravan sheds, boat sheds, and RV sheds. Creating the exact perfect protection for your leisure vehicles and vessels could not be easier or more effective, allowing for adjustments in:

  • The size of the structure’s footprint 
  • Styling and colour choices
  • Materials
  • Features

Our sheds for caravans are almost endlessly customisable, and we will not proceed until we agree on every aspect of your purchase. All our caravan sheds for sale come with the same Best Sheds guarantee, quality, and attention to detail we are renowned for. A list of features includes multiple access points, automated doors, and sliding windows making any caravan shelter for sale exceptionally versatile and able to double up as any and all kinds of alternative spaces. Consider adding features allowing you to occasionally use them as:

  • Workshops for almost all activities
  • Extra accommodation
  • Equipment/tool storage
  • Creative/wellness spaces

Let your imagination run wild, and we will create the perfect, multi-functional space for you keeping our caravan sheds’ prices as affordable as possible and our attention to detail peerless. 


Get the quote

Ensure you get a quote before you make any solid commitments on the ground. We will ensure that you get free basic designs and engineering calculations as quickly as you need them.

If you are hesitant to commit yourself or unsure of exactly what you need and your options, be sure to check out our informative buying guide. It is imperative you feel comfortable and confident in your choices, so before you buy a shed, make sure you have spoken at length to one of our experienced team members via the help centre. They can give you all the technical advice you need, recommend the best accessories and always offer the most open, effective guidance possible. 

Get in touch today and arrange to speak to someone and before you know it you will be preparing for installation, while we set to work creating your perfect caravan garage, boat garage, or any other bespoke storage solution.


FAQs on RV/boat/caravan sheds

Where will you buy it?

A shed may look simple, but there are many intricacies of the industry that you may not know about. Therefore, you need the best contractor you can get. Best Sheds has a combined 60+ years of experience, and are your trusted partner in building the boat, RV or caravan shed you are looking for.


How long does it take to install your caravan sheds and boat sheds for sale?

Depending on whether you choose to erect your chosen boat garage, caravan garage, or other vehicle shelter yourself or engage the services of professional shed builders, the installation times can vary wildly. Although all of our storage solutions come with detailed, carefully created instructions, when debating the virtues of attempting a spot of DIY vs hiring a builder, it pays to take certain factors into consideration, including:

  • Basic, quality tools will be required
  • Time and patience are mandatory
  • A certain level of competence in simple construction/assembly techniques will be a great advantage
  • Strength, stamina, and agility will be helpful in completing the task expediently and safely
  • Constructing large outdoor boat sheds and caravan sheds is not a task to be undertaken alone, and you will need assistance, professional or otherwise


What maintenance is required?

Our RV, caravan, and boat sheds for sale are sensationally robust and durable to the point where you will need to perform only the most perfunctory maintenance from time to time. Look after your new shed carefully, take a few moments to give a squirt of lubricant and a wipe-down with a damp cloth now and then, and it will last for decades, providing the same impressive features and flawless performance after ten years as it does on day one. 


Can I customise the size and design?

You can customise almost any aspect of your perfect boat garage, caravan shed, or other storage solution. From size and stylings to additional features and optional extras, there are a huge number of details to consider, including:

  • Additional insulation
  • Sliding windows
  • Various extra points of access depending on your chosen style and layout
  • Additional space and outdoor protection using lean-to kits
  • Remotely-operated, automatic doors as required
  • A range of roofing options

The Best Sheds Difference

Engineered for Excellence
Engineered for Excellence

Our sheds are engineered above & beyond Australian standards

20% Best Price Guarantee
20% Best Price Guarantee

We pass on our savings to our customers

100% Australian
100% Australian

We’re Australian owned & manufactured

20yr Manufacturers Warranty
20yr Manufacturers Warranty

We stand by the quality & durability of our sheds, for your peace of mind.

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