Build your custom dream shed today.

Build your custom dream shed today.

Best Shed online shed builder gives a wide range of options in making a custom shed including internal walls, windows, doors, and ventilation. You will work on a 3D model, which makes the design more realistic.

Making a custom design places a lot of options and advantages in your hands. You can experiment with different styles and materials while staying within the limits of your budget.

Do you think you have the perfect idea for an outdoor shed? Request a quote to bring your design to life.

Do you have a specific shed design in mind but can’t find it on the market? These days it is possible to have the shed you want instead of the shed that is available. How?  Advances in Computer-Aided Design have allowed quick designing of custom sheds using advanced software.  You can design your custom sheds with a few clicks of the mouse, even with little engineering knowledge.

Here at Best Sheds, you receive all the support you need to have the perfect custom shed. We give access to an online shed builder. We then take your preferred design and make it viable for construction, and walk with you through the process of construction.

What kind of shed can you customize?

  • Garage shed
  • Commercial shed
  • Workshop shed
  • Barn shed
  • Storage shed
  • Animal shed (dairy/horse)
  • Industrial shed
  • Garden shed
  • Caravan shed

What can you customize?


Best Shed offers several kinds of doors;

  • Personal access doors – These are for quick additional access, for example, to an office in an industrial shed
  • Remote control doors – These make opening large doors automatic and easy
  • Chain driven doors – A long-lasting option for small and medium sheds


In addition to standard windows, you can have

  • Sliding windows
  • Cyclone-rated windows
  • Wall vents

Framing, Walls, and Partitions

You are best placed to know the way you want to utilize your storage space. We support you in creating more internal space with custom framing, wall, and partitions. You will have custom made sheds online options for;

  • Workbenches – Make your shed a working space with a workbench. It can be fixed or foldable
  • Partition walls – Move partition walls to size and resize the shed’s spaces as per your needs
  • Mezzanine floor – This is an additional floor for a commercial or industrial shed where you can place an office
  • Awnings – Add a covered parking or workspace to one or both sides of the shed. Awnings can go up to 8 meters wide, and be closed or open
  • Variable bays –   Design bays that will accommodate your largest machinery with ease

Roofing Accessories and Insulation

You have several options to keep your shed comfortable regardless of the weather. It will remain cool in the hottest days, and warm in the coldest days. you can add;

  • Whirly birds – These are ideal for medium and large sheds. They work by sucking up air through the roof to keep it circulating
  • Skylights – We have a range of skylights that bring in natural lighting
  • Solar panels – Save on electricity costs with solar power. Some of our panels can be installed without roof purlins

Roof Options

Make your shed functional and stylish with any one of these roofs;

  • Gabled roof – This is the classic angled roof type, ideal for garden sheds
  • Flat roof – This is the simplest roof, and the cheapest
  • Cyclone roof – A reinforced roof to withstand extreme weather
  • Industrial roof – For very large sheds

What is the custom design process like?

We follow a structured process for and custom sheds Australia regulations and guidelines to have the structure that is safe and functional. This process includes;

  • Shed Design – You design a shed on the online shed builder in collaboration with our design experts. This process will generate the design, engineering calculations and a quote
  • Council approvals – We submit the design to the local authorities for approval. We will rework any aspect that requires correction
  • Shed manufacturing- We make the custom shed to the highest quality, usually with an agreed delivery time
  • Erecting the shed – The finished shed is built on site. Our experts will also help with site preparation

What does your perfect shed look like?  Talk to us and make it a reality.


Starter template

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