Most Australian rural farms will have a farm shed or two, as a multi-purpose space for storing farm equipment, hay and even as an animal shelter in extreme weather. If you need a shed that is to withstand the rigours of Australia's weather, check out our sheds below.

Most Australian rural farms will have a farm shed or two, as a multi-purpose space for storing farm equipment, hay and even as animal shelter in extreme weather. There are different types of farm sheds;

  • Open bay sheds
  • Breeze through sheds
  • Machinery sheds
  • Hay sheds
  • Dairy sheds
  • Workshop sheds

The differences are in the fittings for different tasks. A dairy shed will all kinds of water and feeding lines installed, while a hay shed is a simple structure that doesn’t even require lighting.  But one common requirement is that farm sheds require solid construction.  If you need a shed that is to withstand the rigors of Australia’s weather, her is how to set it up;

Determine shed’s use 

Do you need the shed to shelter animals or store farm equipment?  The shed’s purpose will determine its dimensions and siting.

Pick a site for the shed 

The site for a farm shed should make it easy to use.  A hay shed should be close to the farm to shorten the distance to transport the hay. A dairy shed should be close to the main road to make it easier for milk collection trucks, while a farm equipment shed should be a bit near the home to store other assorted equipment like lawnmowers.

Estimate the dimensions 

The site you pick will be the limiting factor in estimating the size of the shed, along with the budget. You can buy farm sheds as large as 20×50 meters if your budget can support it.  you should also account for any future storage needs.  How large will be the hay harvest in 5 years?  It is more sensible to build a larger shed than to have to take it down in the future.

Choose a material for the shed 

Steel is a popular material for farm sheds because it is durable and able to withstand heavy winds, but it is expensive. Timber can be used for medium sized sheds. It is beautiful to look at, but it is prone to pest attacks. Plastic can be used for small and medium sizes sheds. It is easy to construct, cheap, but is prone to fading.

Check with the local authorities 

A farm shed will attract the attention of the local authorities because of its size, at its uses. While smaller sheds are normally marked as ‘exempts development,’ a farm shed requires more paperwork including a go-ahead from the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia.

You will have to submit paperwork of how you intend to build the shed; the materials to be used, size, location, electric wiring, and water connection if any.

Shop for the shed  

There are hundreds of brands of farm sheds for sale. What you want is a reputable dealer, with a record for putting up solid structures.  The seller should also fill in the gaps you need answered, for example, on the pros and cons of different materials.  The dealer should also advise on site preparation, and any missing paperwork.  Our customer service is very open to all your concerns, and we will be happy to provide past customers who can vouch for us.

Put up the shed 

Ensure the shed is constructed well and on time, as well as inspected by farm sheds Australia inspectors for quality assurance.

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