For people who have ample space, workshop sheds are a great investment for the home or industrial space. This type of shed is multipurpose, large enough to work in and store assorted equipment and tools, and to occasionally sit quietly pondering the fate of the Australian rugby league team.

Workshop Sheds

A workshop shed is a coveted space for many. You can spend your time tinkering on that engine you have been restoring, or store that broken trail bike that you haven’t decided to junk yet, and you can store all manner of tools. For people who have ample space, workshop sheds become solid investments in the home. What is the right way of going about setting up the perfect workshop shed for your outdoor space?


Designing your workshop shed


How much space do you need for a workshop shed?

Ideally, you want as much space as possible, but not the entire backyard. It ultimately comes down to what you intend to use it for. You should also consider future needs for your workshop shed space. Do you plan to install a lathing machine or other large equipment? Planning for future storage needs saves you the agony and costs of replacing the shed for a bigger one later down the track. We also offer a range of outdoor storage sheds, discover them online here.

The best way to go about space is to consider dimensions. We are happy to answer your workshop sheds questions for whatever custom options you need, simply contact us online or over the phone on 1800 15 17 20

A workshop shed is one of the best investments you can make. You can always talk to our consultants regarding any questions you may have about the perfect workshop shed.


What will you be storing?

If you plan to occasionally drag your motorbike in and out, or any other heavy equipment, you need a shed made of robust and durable material. Workshop sheds are the best because they will also keep out the occasional burglar from your prized possessions. You can ask for an insulated shed to keep it comfortable in hot weather or install air conditionin.


Will it be in use in the nights and winter?

Working with sharp objects in the dark is highly inadvisable, which is why you need to plan for lighting if the workshop will be operational at night.  If you plan to spend time in this space in cold weather, plan for heating as well.


Where will it stand?

The location of your workshop matters a lot. You need it to be somewhere easy to get to, ideally not more than 30 meters from the house. You also need to consider the sun’s path because day temperatures in some places can get very hot.


Discover the Perfect Workshop Shed for Your Needs

From a woodworking workshop or welding unit to an art studio or guitar repair workshop, Best Sheds has the perfect workshop sheds for sale for any occasion or intended usage. Our design and manufacturing team proudly produce premium quality workshop sheds in Australia and we are so confident in their exemplary construction and longevity that we even offer the following Best Sheds guarantees:

– We are fully Australian-owned and operated

– All of our workshop sheds and other storage solutions are manufactured to exceed Australian standard requirements

– Our famous 20% best price guarantee 

– 20-year manufacturer’s warranty

– Full range of customisation options 

– Bespoke custom sheds designed from scratch 

– Unbeatable workshop shed prices


Key Features of Our Workshop Sheds

Here at Best Sheds, our workshop sheds for sale are full of superb, convenient features that will change the way you utilise the space and ensure you gain maximum use and satisfaction from your shed workshop. Standard features include premium engineering, design, and construction in every unit that leaves our manufacturing plant right here in Port Kembla, Australia. Not only do we ensure our materials and tolerances surpass all requirements, but we have also increased the thickness of our steel to provide clients with even greater strength and practicality in their new garage workshop shed

Optional customisations and the flexibility of added features like sliding windows, multiple automated access points, added insulation, and a range of roofing options make the possibilities even greater. These things apply equally to all our other storage solutions, such as:

Premium garden sheds

Single garages

Double garages 

Triple garages

Skillion roof garages

RV/boat/caravan storage 



Transform Your Space with a Shed Workshop

There is no doubt that, if you have ideas and potential usage for additional outdoor space, we have the range of solutions and workshop sheds in Australia you need. If you are unsure how best to proceed, why not get in touch with the Best Sheds team today and discuss the best size for a workshop and a whole host of other details with them? We have built our fine reputation as premium outdoor storage providers, not only through our unbeatable workshop shed prices but also our professional integrity. You will always receive a courteous, professional response and the most open, honest advice possible regarding your own shed workshop and other storage requirements. 


Benefits of Choosing a Workshop Shed from Best Sheds

We use only premium-quality materials, surpassing all Australian industry standards, and, if you look after your new shed you will have a storage solution you can rely on to perform perfectly again and again for decades to come. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our range of shed workshop ideas and other incredible storage options before you buy a shed. Our experienced, professional representatives will gladly discuss any aspects of your project and give you their open, honest advice as to the best way to proceed.

Please take a few moments to browse our informative buying guide or find all the information and assistance you need today using our help centre. For an even closer look at how we operate here at Best Sheds, take a virtual tour of our manufacturing and display centre. If you feel ready to start the process, you can speak with us directly or request a quote using our simple, convenient online tool.

Once all the decisions are made and the perfect shed workshop ideas have been incorporated, you can start to prepare for installation and leave the design and manufacturing to us. 



How do I choose the right size for my workshop shed kit?

The way to determine the best shed size for a workshop is based on several factors and nuances you need to consider carefully beforehand.  Ask yourself these questions:   

– Is there enough room on the property to easily accommodate a workshop shed?

– Will your garage workshop shed perform multiple functions in terms of its usage? It may be that you do not require huge amounts of space to perform the primary function of your workshop shed kit. However, there may be occasions when you wish to use it for other purposes or restructure it completely and change its function altogether. Try to think ahead if possible and predict any shed workshop ideas you may wish to try out in future.  


Are your workshop sheds suitable for both personal and commercial use?

In a word, yes. Our workshop sheds and other storage solutions are constructed with such attention to detail and top-quality materials that they can be used for a variety of purposes. We also have a range of working storage units, including:

Agricultural sheds

Farm sheds 

Industrial sheds

American barns 

Open bay sheds 


Can I customise my workshop shed kit?

As with all our unrivalled outdoor storage solutions, a wide range of customisation accessories are available to be applied to our workshop sheds in Australia, including:

– Extra access points and doors (including side-roller doors) 

– Automation via remote control for doors

– Lean-tos in the form of additional kits

– Additional sliding windows

– Enhanced shed insulation for more efficient temperature control


How long does it take to assemble a workshop shed?

This depends largely on whether you have weighed up the pros and cons of constructing your workshop shed kit using  DIY vs hiring a builder and made a decision. While erecting our workshop sheds is perfectly achievable for almost any client. Certain levels of strength, adequate safety precautions, and some basic tools are required. Even then, it is likely to take longer to achieve than when engaging the services of professionals, who can be expected to get the job done correctly. Either way, Best Sheds will give you all the instructions and after-market assistance you need to construct your garage workshop shed correctly and safely.


The Best Sheds Difference

Engineered for Excellence
Engineered for Excellence

Our sheds are engineered above & beyond Australian standards

20% Best Price Guarantee
20% Best Price Guarantee

We pass on our savings to our customers

100% Australian
100% Australian

We’re Australian owned & manufactured

20yr Manufacturers Warranty
20yr Manufacturers Warranty

We stand by the quality & durability of our sheds, for your peace of mind.

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