For people who have ample space, workshop sheds become solid investments in the home. This type of shed is multipurpose; large enough to work in and store assorted equipment and tools.

Workshop Sheds

A workshop shed is a coveted space for many gals (and increasingly ladies as well). You can while your time away tinkering at that engine you have been restoring for 5 years, you can store that broken trail bike that you haven’t decided to junk yet, and you can store all manner of tools for the pool.  For people who have ample space, workshop sheds become solid investments in the home. This type of shed is multipurpose; large enough to work in, store assorted equipment and tools, and occasionally sit quietly pondering the fate of the Australian rugby team.  What is the right way of going about setting up the perfect workshop shed?


Ideally, you want as much space as possible, but not the entire backyard. You will be moving and storing large objects with dimensions larger than 10×10 feet.  This also brings up the need for large doors. Double sliding doors are ergonomic and practical. You must account for a workbench, and if you will be spending hours at the bench, you need standing room.

You should also consider future needs for space. Will you be installing a swimming pool soon, and where will you store the pol equipment? Do you plan to install a lathing machine, or other large equipment?  Planning for future storage needs saves you the agony and costs of replacing the shed for a bigger one.

The best way to go about space is to consider custom dimensions.  We are happy to answer your workshop sheds online questions for whatever custom options you need.

What Will you be storing?

If you plan to occasionally drag your motorbike in and out, or any other heavy equipment, you need a shed made of robust and durable material. Steel workshop sheds are the best, because they will also keep out the occasional burglar from your prized possessions.  You can ask for a padded steel shed to avoid keeping it comfortable in hot weather, or install air conditioning.  A wooden shed is aesthetically pleasing and cooler in hot weather, but wood is susceptible to fire, which is a consideration because you will most likely have several kinds of flammable materials in the workshop.

Will it be in use in the nights and winter?

Working with sharp objects in the dark is highly inadvisable, which is why you need to plan for lighting if the workshop will be operational at night.  If you plan to spend time in this space in cold weather, plan for heating as well.

Where will it stand?

The location of your workshop matters a lot. You need it to be somewhere easy to get to, ideally not more than 30 meters from the house. You also need to consider the sun’s path because day temperatures in some places can get very hot.

What do the local regulations say?

Almost all local authorities in Australia will have some kinds of regulations on what and how you can build, and what you can do in there.  You will most likely need workshops sheds Australia registration to tell the authorities of what you intend to build, and they in turn will give you the building codes and regulations for size, material and sometimes color.

A workshop shed is one of the best investments you can make in a home.  You can always talk to our consultants regarding any questions you may have for the perfect workshop shed.


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