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Your Complete Guide To Buying A Carport

If you’re in the market to protect your vehicle from relentless hot Aussie summers, hailstorms, and unwanted gifts from our feathered friends, carports are the ideal solution. Carports are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to garages. They offer a more affordable option for extra storage or protection for vehicles and can be customised to match the look and aesthetic of your home. 

If you’re considering purchasing a carport, here is your complete guide to everything you need to know.

What is a carport

If you’re unfamiliar with what a carport is, it’s a covered structure that protects vehicles from the elements. They can be freestanding or attached to your home and made of metal, wood, or vinyl. Its structure typically includes a roof, with one side attached to a building and the other supported by pillars. 

Before we take a closer look at the carports you can choose from, let’s discuss why a carport is a preferred choice over a garage.

Carport vs. garage

If you’re on the fence about whether you should opt for a garage or carport, while a garage’s enclosed design offers excellent protection for your vehicle or storage, it requires more time and cost for construction. Despite a carport being more exposed to the elements than an enclosed garage, it still offers reasonable protection for the vehicle. It also protects drivers or passengers from the rain when entering or exiting their vehicle. 

Carports are far more efficient to build, not requiring the specialised equipment required to construct a garage. They are incredibly versatile — whether it’s your next family BBQ, an outdoor birthday party or play area for the kids, a carport is a space you can make the most out of to get the most bang for your buck. 

How much does a carport cost?

If you’re concerned about how much a carport does cost, you can rest assured Best Sheds has several options to choose from that are affordable and well designed. Our high-quality steel sheeting is manufactured in Australia, and we’re so confident in their quality that they come with a 20-year warranty period. Our materials are far more durable than our competitors, minus the premium prices. In fact, we’re so confident our customers won’t find comparable products at lower prices that we offer a 20% best price guarantee to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. 

Is it cheaper to build a carport or buy one?

By choosing to buy a carport directly from the manufacturer, such as ourselves, you’ll be paying the lowest possible price, unlike a wholesaler or retailer who would charge extra. Once we deliver your carport in kit form, it will be up to you to pay the cost of employing a local contractor to build it for you. You can expect the total cost of your carport shed kit and installation fees to be lower than another company’s supply and installation.

Do you need council approval for a carport?

Are you wondering if you do need council approval for a carport? You’ll be pleased to know you can build a carport without planning or building approval, so long as it complies with your relevant state’s policies. 

Where will the carport go?

Now that you know the plentiful benefits a carport has to offer, you might be wondering where your carport should go. Since this is a long-lasting commitment, you should certainly take the time to liaise with professionals to ensure you’re happy with the design before committing to the build. 

There are three types of carports — freestanding, semi-attached and attached. Freestanding carports are not connected to your home, so you could have a carport in front of the house. This is ideal if you have more expansive land to build on. Semi-attached carports are connected to one side of your home, and attached carports are connected to two or more sides of your home. 

Deciding on a carport design 

If you have an older, heritage home with distinct features, you can organise a custom carport design to duplicate those familiar features in your carport. After all, preserving the look and feel of your home by blending your carport design with its original architecture can add real value to your property. Whether you want a modern carport attached to your house or a carport on a sloped driveway, Best Sheds can make your vision a reality. 

Best Sheds — your trusted supplier of carports built to last 

If you choose to customise your carport design from scratch or select from our wide array of base models, Best Sheds is sure to have a carport that exceeds your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? With carports engineered above and beyond Australian standards and a 20% best price guarantee, it’s never been easier to renovate your home. Do you have a carport in mind? Complete our online form to request a quote, and our sales team will get back to you in no time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1800 15 17 20 or visit our online help centre for more information.

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