Before Buying a Shed

If you are going to invest in a new shed, you will want to make sure that you buy the perfect model for your needs: one that is built to last and that has plenty of space for whatever you plan to do in it. If you are not sure exactly what factors you should be paying attention to when choosing the perfect shed, our shed buying guide will help you to focus on the most important points.
What Shed Should I Buy?
To answer this question, consider all of the following points carefully and if you are still not sure which model is the right one for you, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us any time during normal working hours. We are always more than happy to provide objective help and advice to our customers.
  • The Primary Function You Want Your New Shed to Fulfil – Do you need a shed purely for storage purposes or do you want to do more with it than that? If you only want to use your new shed to keep your gardening tools, bikes, surfboard and other belongings in, you will not have to worry about factors such as insulation or lighting too much. What you will have to pay special attention to its security features. A shed used to store valuable gardening equipment and personal belongings need to have a sturdy door and a decent lock too.
  • Where Are You Planning to Erect Your New Shed? – The proposed site for your new shed will play a part in determining what type of shed you should buy. Take a look at any shed buying guide online and the location is always prominently featured. If you are planning to erect your new shed right next to your house, you will probably be more concerned with colour schemes and other aesthetic considerations than if you are planning to build it somewhere out of sight.
  • Will You Require Council Approval? Do you need council approval to erect a shed of any kind on your land or are there certain types of sheds for which it is not required? If you are in a hurry or you would prefer not to have to deal with local authorities, this is a factor that may persuade you to avoid some types of sheds whilst focusing on others.
  • Who Will Build It for You? – When asking yourself the question - What shed should I buy? – you should consider who is going to be erecting it. Are you planning to build it yourself or do you have a contractor in mind? In either case, are there certain models that will be easier for you or your contractor to erect?
There are other factors you should consider when choosing a new shed, but most of them will depend on your personal circumstances and requirements so are beyond the scope of this shed buying guide. If you would like advice on these factors, please call or email us whenever you have a little time to spare.

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